How do I register for a new course?

Registration is just a little different today from the past. To provide you with the security over your personal and private information, we have a two step login process.

First, confirm your email address and set a new password. (If you forget your password there is a reset option.  You will need to use the email address on file with the NY-DFS which you can confirm here

Once you confirm your account setup, you can register for your self-study course and exam.


All Licensees     

"Producer CE Essentials" is our new 15-credit Bridge course. 
This course meets the new NYDFS CE requirements for training in:

  • Insurance Law
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Elimination of Bias
  • Ethics and Professionalism

Producer CE Essentials - Register

All PC/BR licensees need flood training!

You Do Not Sell Flood Insurance

 You Do Sell Flood Insurance

You need a 1-hour flood training course.
Flood and Climate is the course for you.

Flood and Climate- Register


 You Also need a 3-hour "Enhanced Flood" course
 for a total of 4 credits in Flood Insurance.
 Ringing the Flood Alarm is the course for you.

Ringing the Flood Alarm - Register


ITI Courses are approved by the NYDFS. 

"Flood and Climate" is a 1-hour course approved for all PC, BR, C3 & PA licensees. 

"Ringing the Flood Alarm" is a 3-hour "enhanced flood" course approved for all PC, BR, C3, PA and TLA licensees.