FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What CE do I need?

The NYDFS adopted a new Continuing Education Regulation in 2022.  The new Regulation requires all insurance license holders to complete specific education requirements.  

All licensees must complete at least one hour of instruction in each of these three areas:

All PC & BR licensees must complete between one (1) and four (4) hours of Flood Instruction:

All PC & BR Licensees must complete, regardless of whether you sell flood insurance or not:


Licensees who Sell Flood Insurance through the NFIP or an affiliate company must complete:


Does Insurance Training Institute offer courses to meet all these requirements?

Yes!  ITI has courses approved to meet all your CE requirements.

All licensees should take the 15-credit "Producer CE Essentials" course.  

 for "Producer CE Essentials"


All PC & BR licensees should take the 1-credit "Flood and Climate" course.

 for Flood and Climate


PC & BR licensees who sell flood insurance should also take the 3-credit "Ringing the Flood Alarm" enhanced flood instruction course.

 for Ringing the Flood Alarm.


What is the Cyber Filing requirement?

All licensees must complete a Cyber filing every year! 

Follow this link to our Cyber page.