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How do I register for a new course?

Registration is just a little different today from the past. To provide you with the security over your personal and private information, we have a two step login process.

First, confirm your email address and set a new password.  (If you forget your password there is a reset option.  You will need to use the email address on file with the NY-DFS which you can confirm here 

Once you confirm your account setup, you can register for your self-study online exam. 

Our current 15-credit course is "Producer CE Essentials" (NYCS-273396). 

All licensees should take this 15-credit course.  Click below to register.


All PC & BR licensees must complete between one (1) and four (4) hours of Flood Instruction:


All PC & BR Licensees, regardless of whether you sell flood insurance or not, must complete at least 1 hour in basic flood instruction:

All PC & BR licensees should take the 1-credit "Flood and Climate" course.

 for Flood and Climate


Licensees who Sell Flood Insurance through the NFIP or an affiliate company must complete at least three (3) hours of Enhanced Flood Instruction, for a total of four (4) hours of flood CE

"Ringing the Flood Alarm" is approved as an Enhanced Flood Instruction course.  If you sell flood insurance, you should also register for this course. 


ITI reports your course completion to the NYDFS within 24 business hours.

ITI does not renew your license! You must renew your license!  See our DFS Links.

Thank you for choosing ITI for your Insurance Continuing Education needs.

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